looking for a blogger

I receive in the IW bloggers many requests.It is a great honor.
However, I will not be able to manage the bloggers.

I will establish a new bloggers group D R O P . 
So, I am looking for a blogger of DROP newly.

If you liked the D R O P . clothing, 
please send notecard to sayaca unplugged.



* Must be 3months or older with blogging.
* Please have one group slot open for the D R O P .  Bloggers Group.
* 1post minimum with D R O P . product in a Monthly. 

Please fill out the bottom portion with your information 

SL Name (Resident name please): 
Language :
Blog Name: 
Blog URL: 
Blog Age: 
Blog Hits(The number of visitors per day) :
Flickr URL:

Do you have what you want to item of D R O P .?


Thank you! 
i will get back to you with a reply as soon as i can! 

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